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General Information:

Lack of space. Can't find required documents. Business continuity requirements. Security concerns. Whatever the reason, LAT has a solution to manage your organisation's documents in a safe and secure environment almost always at a lower cost than your current solution.

You can utilise our services to pick up your documents from their present location; get them organised; then have them available for retrieval whenever you want.

Your documents can be controlled at a carton level, or individually, and every activity is tracked using barcoding technology. You will have access to a full audit trail of everything done to your records from the time they first reach LAT until the time they are destroyed.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings - our specialist storage systems and efficient facilities result in lower costs to you than if you managed your records yourself. Savings vary depending on your current storage method, but you can save as much as 90% of costs compared to keeping documents in a 4-drawer filing cabinet in a downtown location.

  • Efficient retrievals - if you need a document, all you need to do is place a request via fax, email or web, and within as little as 3 hours, the documents will be delivered to you, This is often much faster and more reliable than if you had custody of the records yourself.

  • MYOF - our Mind Your Own Files (MYOF) software helps you to efficiently index and manage your organisation's records. MYOF integrates with our RSSQL operating system allowing for the efficient 2-way exchange of information about your holdings.