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Although the ongoing storage of hardcopy records is normally a more cost-effective method for retaining records, there may be times that imaging becomes worthwhile. Imaging to make a backup copy of vital records, or scanning to facilitate file and information sharing amongst multiple users are valid reasons for imaging files. LAT is set-up to provide you with image conversion services to your requirements.









Some clients need to do retrievals of documents in very rapid time-frames (30 minutes or less), or need to see documents in remote locations which are impractical to serve by physical retrieval. For these clients a "Scan-on-Demand" service may prove ideal. Under this service, documents are archived without imaging and only those documents that are later required by clients are scanned after being physically retrieved from store. The advantage of this type of imaging service is that costs are only incurred at the time the images are required, and with 99.9% of imaged documents never looked at again there are significant cost-savings over full imaging.

Indonesian courts and government departments continue to place a significant evidentiary weighting on original documents. It is possible to apply to destroy documents ahead of their normal retention period with scanned images as a backup, but this is the exception, with the rule being to maintain the originals.






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Key Benefits
  • Imaging allows sharing of documents amongst multiple users. Images can act as backups to vital records.
  • LAT can offer full conversion to images or the much lower cost - scan on demand service.
  • Scan on demand retrievals can be completed within 30 minutes, or even less if extremely rapid retrievals are a client requirement.

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