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Most organisations recognise the importance of backing up their computer data to guard against computer failure. The more progressive of these understand the significance of putting these backups in a secure but accessible location to protect against the risk of a disaster that could put their working place out of action and damage their important information.

LAT offers a comprehensive service for retention and rotation of computer backup tapes. You can schedule rotation of tapes at a fixed day/time and in the event of a failure or emergency, retrieve tapes 24 x 7.













Our set and forget rotation scheduling system lets you schedule your tape rotation requirements months in advance, reducing your administrative workload.

Peace of mind for your organisation's computer data costs less than you think. A weekly rotation of data package costs as little as Rp500,000 per month.

As with all LAT services, barcode technology allows us to track, record and ensure total accuracy of our service.







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Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind. Companies that place back-ups of their data offsite with a professional vendor dramatically improve their chances of continuity in the event of a disaster.

  • Administrative ease. Our scheduling feature automatically takes care of tape rotations without you having to remember to do it.

  • Control. Have 24 hour access to your vital data and a full audit trail on tape movements.

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